Thursday, December 16, 2010


Done packing! Woohoo, it took all Wednesday night and basically this morning into the afternoon, but I'm done and it's all tucked away. It hasn't quite hit me that I'm leaving, even though all my stuff is stored; I figure it'll hit me when I board the plane on Saturday. I think once the new year hits I'll be so excited and hopefully I'll be prepared and ready by then. For now, its going out to dinner and seeing people off.

Did you know that Danish people are apparently the happiness people in the world? Well, apparently they are.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally packing.

I'm on track with the packing, practically have the suitcases ready to go; however, I still have sooo much stuff left over. How does that happen? I accumulated more clothing than I actually want to wear. I have so much workout stuff, it is ridiculous. Someone needs to come in and just say get rid of it, oh wait I did that and there's a ton left over. Anyway, I hate packing, it makes me soo sad. If I wasn't jamming out to music, I'd probably have cried already (maybe, maybe not). Regardless, they should have packers for hire, so I can sit and watch TV while somebody else does all the hard work. I suppose this part is easy though, I haven't gotten to the goodbyes yet, it's weird knowing I won't be back for 9 months. I love Boulder and the U.S. but you can't hop on a train and go to Germany for the afternoon here.

Note: It doesn't actually matter the color of the boxes you buy, just buy them (they help a ton, none of those silly, shabby,  old cardboard boxes)

Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm collecting huge rubbermaid boxes. Good right? I've made some headway with the whole packing thing? False, I've gotten nowhere. My room is full of stuff and the boxes are just chilling in the corner. I've decided Wednesday evening is the prime time, I miss the baking party at the Handsome Man Palace, but hopefully, I'll get half the room in boxes by the time I go to bed and then wake up and finish off in order to make an appearance at the day long movie watching party. This way I'll have Friday free to see off Alex and hang out one last time with Emily. Friday will be relaxing instead of stressful packing and moving and the waterworks when Alex leaves. I'll devote Friday to sad goodbyes instead of fretting, I'm hoping that my plan will actually work and I'll see it all through. I said that about last weekend in regards to packing and well, I got nowhere.

Note to fellow packers: don't buy mismatching rubbermaid boxes even if they're cheaper, it's a super annoyance, if you're me at least.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's the end, well of this semester.

So it's proving much more difficult to pack then I had originally planned. I figured I'd be readily getting things packed before finals to lighten my work load this week, considering I have finals and then a day to get out. However, instead I'm sitting, facebooking in Alex's living room. Surprise, surprise. I suppose I'll procrastinate getting out a little longer and enjoy the last days of Denmark-free stress and Boulder fun. If anyone wants to pack for me while I hang around let me know.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The New Blog

I've decided to start an adventure log of my trip to Europe; I'm studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for the Spring 2011 semester. I'm studying environmental sustainability at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. The program is an awesome opportunity for me and I hope you stick around to read about my trips and adventures through Europe.