Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally packing.

I'm on track with the packing, practically have the suitcases ready to go; however, I still have sooo much stuff left over. How does that happen? I accumulated more clothing than I actually want to wear. I have so much workout stuff, it is ridiculous. Someone needs to come in and just say get rid of it, oh wait I did that and there's a ton left over. Anyway, I hate packing, it makes me soo sad. If I wasn't jamming out to music, I'd probably have cried already (maybe, maybe not). Regardless, they should have packers for hire, so I can sit and watch TV while somebody else does all the hard work. I suppose this part is easy though, I haven't gotten to the goodbyes yet, it's weird knowing I won't be back for 9 months. I love Boulder and the U.S. but you can't hop on a train and go to Germany for the afternoon here.

Note: It doesn't actually matter the color of the boxes you buy, just buy them (they help a ton, none of those silly, shabby,  old cardboard boxes)

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