Thursday, March 31, 2011


Woohoo! So the weather is absolutely terrible today. I biked to the train this morning, I got rained on, winded at, and well my hair sucks right now. Thank goodness I tried so hard this morning. I'm going to Samsø this weekend; it's a relatively environmentally sustainable island here in Denmark. As I've said before Denmark is made up of like 300+ islands, so I'm going to hit some of the cute ones while here. I live on Zealand, I've been to Svenborg and Aerø, I'm heading to Samsø this weekend, and will end up in Bornholm at the end of the month. I'm really excited a group of students went last weekend and loved it, so I have nothing but high hopes, however, if the weather doesn't get better I will end up disappointed. So hold out for some cool pictures of the weekend, there'll be biking and hiking and wind turbines. My favorite activities!

In other news: Emily and I got an apartment!! I officially have a place to stay in Boulder when I return!!! Get so so excited! I've got to do some paper work and send t across the ocean, but I get to store the cute Anthropology-like bowls I bought for so much cheaper here in Denmark in my own cabinets!! Woohoo!

Besides that, this weekend Karina and Peter and I went out to brunch this weekend and then a bunch of shopping; we officially have a working DVD player. On Sunday Karina and I went on a walk on the coast, then stopped for coffee, which turned into brunch, which was awesome. The cafe we went to was just on the coast and it was sunny and beautiful, gosh I miss that weather.

Oh and I went to Karina's work on Wednesday and got to talk to some really awesome people. I'm actually meeting with one of the women again this Tuesday at a Fairtrade store, that does work in Africa. She's done humanitarian work and is just really cool and I can't wait.

Besides that I've just been doing work, work, work, trying to get things done because I go to ITALY AND FRANCE in like a week!! And it's my birthday and my parents will be here, and they'll take my massive Toblerone bars home with them. So so excited.

And no one worry, I'm doing well in school, I got some assignments back and I got a 100% on a test and a 94% on my CSR paper. So my GPA hasn't suffered yet from my adventures here.

Gahh, I'm sad to say it's already April, I don't have enough time left. At home, I always complain about how slow semesters are, and this one is going by just too too fast!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Finally got ONE!

So I'm more excited than ever! I have been looking around for a looped scarf like the whole time I've been here. ACtually that's a lie, I didn't realize I wanted one until the started replacing store stocks for the spring collections and so finding one has been a nightmare and a half. I found one the other day but it looked a bit cheap and well it was cheap and not too warm. And well when I return to the states I want to be super and European and a cheap scarf will not cut it. SOOOO because we have a three day weekend and I didn't plan on going anywhere (I have 5 ten pagers due the first week in April and I'm gone the first weekend, the two weeks after that and the last weekend, so there is no time in April to write then, however I haven't written a thing today so I'm off to a REALLY good start, false.) I had a really good workout at the most fabulous gym I go to and then shopped around, because there is also an awesome pair of shoes I want but they don't have my size and I guess that's a good thing because I don't need a million new things though I want them. Anyhow, I am extremely excited.

Peter is coming home tonight and we're really excited about that, its nice to have a bit of noise every once and a while. Rasmus had a masquerade ball last night, which sounds like the first enjoyable school dance I've ever heard of. I'm thinking about going to Karina's work with her on Wednesday, I don't have any field trips, just a bunch of work to do, so I'm pretty set on going. That'll be interesting to see her work and this time I'll actually wake up on time and go. I was stupid to miss out on it the last time. Anyway, Rasmus has been picked as one of the best handball players in the city and will be going to Svenborg this weekend for a game, so everything is going quite well here. I've gotten some good grades back and I've been passing everything so I am actually doing the work, it's just a matter of getting around to it, who wants to do work when you can joke around with Karina while she translates Danish tv for me, come on. Anyway, I think I just shoved that all at you in no particular order, oops, so sorry for the lack of direction. Oh and I think Rasmus is going to replace his bike this weekend so I'll get to ride Karina's around, I'm so excited to bike Copenhagen, plus biking to the train station is some much easier than the 20 minute walk, early in the morning.
F.C. København vs. Brøndby I.F.

FCK won!

I am a bit odd, but my scarf is awesome!

Monday, March 21, 2011

England: Part 3

So yesterday I got to go to a Danish football game! It was the rivalry match and well F.c. Copenhagen rocks! Oh my goodness, they beat Bronby, 3 to 1 and provided a thrilling match. FCK was down in the first half and brought it out for the second half.

Back to England:
So it's Friday and I'm at Paddington Station for the second time, headed back to the Western English countryside but not as far, it's Westbury. I was going to visit family friends from when we were in Saudi, a super duper cute British couple. Basically, I had a fabulous time except for how I was feeling. I got a bit sick from the stressful week with the class/several of my friends were sick the week before and it was just my luck getting sick at the end of the vacation. Anyway, I got there on Friday and sat and filled them in on my life/the Berg's since Saudi. Oh and I had several spots of tea with biscuits. Oh and some quality English teley.

On Saturday, they took me out to Avebury, which is like Stone Henge but without the tourist groups. Plus people built a town around these massive stones and there was a cute old, old church there. Basically super cultural and beautiful. Then we went to the superest, cutest old English town ever. Lacock, where they film all those old English movies, was the quaintest little town ever. Apparently they cover the roads in gravel when they film old films there so it looks historical. We then drove around the countryside and looked at all the ROLLING HILLS, it was so awesome. Oh of course I was feeling utterly terrible by noon and we had to pick up a load of cough drops. So of course it was time to sit and lounge and watch 6 Nations rugby all afternoon. I got some more tea and fun rest time.
Part of the Moon circle

Part of the Sun Circle

Really old baptismal font (?)

Cute old English church, from a long long time ago.

Then on Sunday, I was feeling much better, and we went to see the White Horses carved into the English countryside. A long time ago, people wanted calcium, chalk carvings in the countryside and well they were super impressive. We then had a traditional English roast lunch at a super cute local pub/restaurant. I was super bummed that I had to leave but even the ride to the airport was gorgeous. It didn't rain, it was sunny the whole time, oh it was so great. I recommend a trip to everyone.
Big white horse, they're everywhere.

A ton of crazy people.

Roast chicken, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding, which isn't really pudding.

Sticky toffee Pudding, and English classic.

John and Judy!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

England: Part 2

So today I went to the Danish History Museum with Karina and it was so crazy. There were a ton of artifacts from way, way long ago, like 4000BC and they were so much more advanced than I expected. We think we're technologically advanced, they had glass beads and intricately craved axes. These people made the most beautiful red amber jewelry, not what I expected. And we went on a grocery store excursion, I realize this part doesn't sound as super exciting, but I really love Danish grocery shopping. It's just different from the US, there's a super small American section in the store we go to, but everything else is in Danish and not a box of Triscuits in sight. I also just finished making pumpkin bread, it's puffing up in the oven now, Karina has family coming over tomorrow and she requested I make it. Plus, she bought liquid cup measures, I realize this sounds like a cop out, but measuring a bunch of milliliters with a one deciliter measuring cup is quite hard and not at all exact. Anyway, that was today, with a little homework in there  and some lamb for dinner.

I thought I'd give you part 2 of the English journey too. I've decided to do this in 3 parts because its works best that way, considering I went to three different places.

So I was on Wednesday, we arrived in London in the afternoon and went to the London School Economics for a really interesting talk on sustainability. We met with a woman from the London Sustainability Exchange and learnt about what the group is doing to integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It was pretty cool plus we got coffee right before and it was cheap, woohoo! Then we went to the most awesome Indian restaurant for dinner, I'm telling you those Brits do Indian food well. So, so, so good. After that we got some time on out own and went to some local pubs. They closed a lot earlier than they do in Copenhagen, a curfew was a weird concept. Anyway, we had a pretty cool time, sang with some older Irish men and an Italian guy. A pretty cultured night, I'd say.

Chicken curry, all delicious good things.

Megan ogling over our pistachio ice cream with lots of other stuff in it.

We had a super full day on Thursday, the hotel breakfast sucked. We had bread and jam with the world's worst coffee. Oh did I mention the shower water was burning hot, like I turned red and couldn't stand directly under the shower head hot. Oh and you could feel every metal spring that was in the mattress, worst hotel ever. Well we went to Hackney City Farms in the morning, a farming initiative in Hackney, a rough borough in London. There was the largest pig I've ever seen there, and the people there do a ton of work in the community, trying to revive the area but sustainably. After that we went to lunch and had fish and chips. And yes I had some of the fish, but it was actually so battered you couldn't taste the fish; however, I love a good french fry. After that we went to the Tower of London, and had the most amazing tour guide. He was a funny, Scotsman and good lord was he hilarious. We got to walk around after our tour was over and take a look at the crown jewels and a bunch of knights armor. Basically, it was really awesome and historical. We had the evening to ourselves so I walked around with some girls, look a gander at Hyde park and bought a bunch of shortbread cookies, which were gone in about two seconds. Of course, I was feeling like poop from a late night out/a week with my class and had to stay in, but the sleep was terrible because of the shower and springs as mentioned above.

Hackney City Farms.

Residents of Hackney City Farms.

Meet Ginger.

An English classic.

The Scotsman.

The White tower, I think, at the Tower of London.

London Bridge is falling down.

Friday, our last day in London, was also impressive. We got a tour of the Globe Theater, which was awesome I got to sit in the Queen's box and well it was a really awesome place. It's built based on the historical plans after the original burnt down. We also got to go to the Tate Museum of Modern Art because we had some extra time before lunch. Oh and lunch was also amazing, a Turkish restaurant with a ton of appetizers. I was disappointed not getting baclava but what can you do. Then we got to walk through the city, saw the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster abbey, all the big names. The end of our London stay was at Transport for London to talk to them about what they're doing about making London sustainable for the Olympics. All cool things. Then I saw the class off and headed to Paddington to go visit our family friends. End part 2.
The Globe Theater

The Macbeth for kids set up.

A bunch of ceramic sunflower seeds.

Get good Turkish food here.

Kara and I and Ben

The weird lizard on a bike man.

Even weirder tiger in a basket on a table man.

Big Ben

The London Eye

Westminster Abbey

Telephone booth picture, classic.

Friday, March 18, 2011

England: Part 1

So I've had the most dreadful week, it started out with a cold, I got sick the last days in England, and then had two papers due today and nearly slept through class, even after getting 8 hours of sleep. So here I am finally able to update all of you guys at home with the exciting adventures of Kristina Berg in England. I have so many pictures and things to explain that I have to do this in several installments, plus I want to milk my trip into several posts so you all have more to read. I've heard blog following is quite posh and I wouldn't want to gip you of the fun.

Our trip to England started early early Sunday morning, 6 am at the airport. Pulling myself out of bed at 5 am was the worst, but thank goodness Kara let me sleep over or else it would have started at 3:30 or earlier. We arrived at Heathrow at 9 in the morning and took a ride on an silly backwards bus to Paddington Station. We had lunch way too early in the morning and headed off to Devon on a scenic train ride. It was super long due to construction but the English countryside was to die for, I would recommend everyone vacation there. It's too beautiful to explain and you really just have to go see it. We stayed at the most beautiful "hotel." It was an estate in the countryside and had secret passageways and back doors. It looked onto a vineyard and farm land, it was called the Sharpham Estate. We got there in time for a delicious homemade dinner then went out to a super cute English pub. It was the local, old pub and we ended up taking over the place but it was a good first pub experience.
Any old day at Paddington Station, there were birds flying all over the place too.

Proper English tea.

Our room, it had a fabulous view and cute vintage chairs.

Pumped for England!! And cheaper coffee!

The estate's cows live in those buildings.

The vineyard (you can't see it that well but its there, a couple sheep live over there too)

The estate, nbd.

View of Totnes

Monday was a super packed day; we had homemade jam with our breakfasts and more than enough tea. We sat down to a presentation about Transition Town Totnes, a community run project trying to transition the town from heavy fossil fuel use to more sustainable town. It was pretty freaking cool, they've started their own energy company and a cool project called Transition Streets. The project encourages members of the community to get together to talk about energy issues and provide ways for everyday people to save money and become green. I was super impressed they toured us around some of there pilot project sites and  we went to a green funeral company and a cool mushroom grower guys place. Then we got to have dinner in a local pub, I got a side order of chips just to be super English. And then we ended the night at a different local pub that doubles as a brewery and I of course got a half pint of the local beer, I wasn't about to pass up that unique experience.

Deb leading us through Totnes.

Sea Salt, the cutest shop ever, like Martha's Vineyard back home. I love these/I wanted to be shopping at the Cape.

Dana, a cutie in a red telephone booth.

A tracker in a regular parking space, the usual.

The Mushroom Man!

Mushrooms growing on wood shavings in a bag.

Your everyday castle in the countryside.

Local Beer!

Tuesday was my favorite day in Devon; it started with some more homemade jam. I can't get over that stuff it was delicious and our cook made it right there and raved about how she gets together with friends to make jam. After that, we left for a hike in Dartmoor National Park; it was SOOOO beautiful. The weather was amazing, which is surprising for Western England, the ground was dry, it was sunny, and few clouds in sight. We hiked around on the moor and took a ton of pictures. And of course we had a bit of a lecture about Gaia Theory, but who could turn down a lecture looking onto a valley. There were controlled burns happening across the valley but they just added to the sights. After a couple hours outside, we traveled to the Riverford Organic Farm. On our way there, our bus hit a pole and got stuck teetering on the side of the road, we had to get out and wait for our driver to fix the situation. We nearly had heart attacks, it was a more exciting drive than we'd planned for. OH THE LUNCH WAS SO SO SO SO GOOD! The food was local and we got a pork roast, potato gratin, cauliflower bake, green bean salad, and chocolate hazelnut tarte for dessert. They don't sound as good as they were but believe me they were more than delicious and we were so so stuffed afterwards. We got a brief tour of the farm and then went back to Sharpham. We got to walk around the estate and pretty much went straight to dinner. Vegetarian chili for dinner is fabulous but I didn't need more food after that huge lunch. Anyway, the estate was fabulous, fabulous but we had to leave on Wednesday super early back to London. The views were so beautiful and I'm so glad I got to back at the end of the week.

Views from the moor, it was super super awesome! Beats class indoors!

The controlled burn.

The Riverford Field Kitchen.

Again: most amazing meal ever.

I love organic farms!

River on the estate's property.

View from the "hotel" the morning we left, I don't know why we left.