Thursday, March 31, 2011


Woohoo! So the weather is absolutely terrible today. I biked to the train this morning, I got rained on, winded at, and well my hair sucks right now. Thank goodness I tried so hard this morning. I'm going to Samsø this weekend; it's a relatively environmentally sustainable island here in Denmark. As I've said before Denmark is made up of like 300+ islands, so I'm going to hit some of the cute ones while here. I live on Zealand, I've been to Svenborg and Aerø, I'm heading to Samsø this weekend, and will end up in Bornholm at the end of the month. I'm really excited a group of students went last weekend and loved it, so I have nothing but high hopes, however, if the weather doesn't get better I will end up disappointed. So hold out for some cool pictures of the weekend, there'll be biking and hiking and wind turbines. My favorite activities!

In other news: Emily and I got an apartment!! I officially have a place to stay in Boulder when I return!!! Get so so excited! I've got to do some paper work and send t across the ocean, but I get to store the cute Anthropology-like bowls I bought for so much cheaper here in Denmark in my own cabinets!! Woohoo!

Besides that, this weekend Karina and Peter and I went out to brunch this weekend and then a bunch of shopping; we officially have a working DVD player. On Sunday Karina and I went on a walk on the coast, then stopped for coffee, which turned into brunch, which was awesome. The cafe we went to was just on the coast and it was sunny and beautiful, gosh I miss that weather.

Oh and I went to Karina's work on Wednesday and got to talk to some really awesome people. I'm actually meeting with one of the women again this Tuesday at a Fairtrade store, that does work in Africa. She's done humanitarian work and is just really cool and I can't wait.

Besides that I've just been doing work, work, work, trying to get things done because I go to ITALY AND FRANCE in like a week!! And it's my birthday and my parents will be here, and they'll take my massive Toblerone bars home with them. So so excited.

And no one worry, I'm doing well in school, I got some assignments back and I got a 100% on a test and a 94% on my CSR paper. So my GPA hasn't suffered yet from my adventures here.

Gahh, I'm sad to say it's already April, I don't have enough time left. At home, I always complain about how slow semesters are, and this one is going by just too too fast!

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