Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am leaving for England tomorrow.

Holy poop, it's already here, I'm leaving for my England sustainability trip tomorrow. I get to go to Devon and London and then on to Westbury to see family friends from Saudi. It's going to be so awesome, except I haven't really packed yet and I leave at 6 am tomorrow morning. I'll have to get over that. Anyway, get excited for some super interesting stuff when I get back.
Anyway, this week was fun, I had a super day today and had a busy week. On Wednesday, I had planned on going to Karina's work but apparently I was stressed from my two papers and test so I needed 11 hours. I know a ton, but she didn't mind and I really needed it, I guess. Then, because I had no study tours, I went shopping for a classy gym bag, I needed it for the next day, and then went to kickboxing. And yes it was terribly hard again, but a little less hard than the previous Wednesday so I can't complain. Then a delicious pasta dish with the family with a ton of carrots in the sauce and study, study, studying was on the agenda after that. On Thursday, I had the busiest day ever! I went from school, then to meeting with a group, then to tutor (which actually didn't happen because of parent teacher conferences which was a super relief because I needed some down time), then to cycling class, then to Dans2Go, a ballet performance at the Royal Theater, and then finally home at 11. I got an awesome pesto sandwich and smoothie at the juice bar on my way to the performance and it was the pick me up I needed to pay attention at the ballet. The performance was super awesome; there was a more classical piece first, a Serenade with 17 women, and then an all men's portion that was danced to Metallica songs. I know don't freak out about the Metallica part, it was actually awesome with cool light effects and they danced in red sand. Oh and I totally killed my test, or at least that's what I think. Friday was Friday, I should have gone out in the city but I really needed to get on my summer job business so I was super lame and sat on my computer all night. It was probably a good thing because Karina and I spent several hours shopping in the city today. I still need to pack and stuff so getting an application out of the way was probably a good idea. Anyway, we shopped around I really wanted to buy some black booties but I couldn't find any that were less than $250 or so a pair and well I'm cheaper than that. And we went to a Raw Foods place for lunch; it was super hippy and the bread wasn't really bread, it was mushed squash in a rectangle. was actually delicious, however I think it's stupid to call it a sandwich, it was a salad with toppings and two "slices" of squash mush. Not a sandwich. I'm going to leave after Indian for dinner to Kara's kollegium to spend the night so I don't have to wake up at 3:30 am to trek on over to the airport by myself. I mus go shower and pack now, otherwise Ill never get to England.
The "sandwich" and "lasagna" meal of ours.

The most awesome playground ever with a cute little guy in his onesie snowsuit outfit.

And the website of the show we went to (and it should be the English translated version, but I promise nothing):

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