Saturday, March 19, 2011

England: Part 2

So today I went to the Danish History Museum with Karina and it was so crazy. There were a ton of artifacts from way, way long ago, like 4000BC and they were so much more advanced than I expected. We think we're technologically advanced, they had glass beads and intricately craved axes. These people made the most beautiful red amber jewelry, not what I expected. And we went on a grocery store excursion, I realize this part doesn't sound as super exciting, but I really love Danish grocery shopping. It's just different from the US, there's a super small American section in the store we go to, but everything else is in Danish and not a box of Triscuits in sight. I also just finished making pumpkin bread, it's puffing up in the oven now, Karina has family coming over tomorrow and she requested I make it. Plus, she bought liquid cup measures, I realize this sounds like a cop out, but measuring a bunch of milliliters with a one deciliter measuring cup is quite hard and not at all exact. Anyway, that was today, with a little homework in there  and some lamb for dinner.

I thought I'd give you part 2 of the English journey too. I've decided to do this in 3 parts because its works best that way, considering I went to three different places.

So I was on Wednesday, we arrived in London in the afternoon and went to the London School Economics for a really interesting talk on sustainability. We met with a woman from the London Sustainability Exchange and learnt about what the group is doing to integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It was pretty cool plus we got coffee right before and it was cheap, woohoo! Then we went to the most awesome Indian restaurant for dinner, I'm telling you those Brits do Indian food well. So, so, so good. After that we got some time on out own and went to some local pubs. They closed a lot earlier than they do in Copenhagen, a curfew was a weird concept. Anyway, we had a pretty cool time, sang with some older Irish men and an Italian guy. A pretty cultured night, I'd say.

Chicken curry, all delicious good things.

Megan ogling over our pistachio ice cream with lots of other stuff in it.

We had a super full day on Thursday, the hotel breakfast sucked. We had bread and jam with the world's worst coffee. Oh did I mention the shower water was burning hot, like I turned red and couldn't stand directly under the shower head hot. Oh and you could feel every metal spring that was in the mattress, worst hotel ever. Well we went to Hackney City Farms in the morning, a farming initiative in Hackney, a rough borough in London. There was the largest pig I've ever seen there, and the people there do a ton of work in the community, trying to revive the area but sustainably. After that we went to lunch and had fish and chips. And yes I had some of the fish, but it was actually so battered you couldn't taste the fish; however, I love a good french fry. After that we went to the Tower of London, and had the most amazing tour guide. He was a funny, Scotsman and good lord was he hilarious. We got to walk around after our tour was over and take a look at the crown jewels and a bunch of knights armor. Basically, it was really awesome and historical. We had the evening to ourselves so I walked around with some girls, look a gander at Hyde park and bought a bunch of shortbread cookies, which were gone in about two seconds. Of course, I was feeling like poop from a late night out/a week with my class and had to stay in, but the sleep was terrible because of the shower and springs as mentioned above.

Hackney City Farms.

Residents of Hackney City Farms.

Meet Ginger.

An English classic.

The Scotsman.

The White tower, I think, at the Tower of London.

London Bridge is falling down.

Friday, our last day in London, was also impressive. We got a tour of the Globe Theater, which was awesome I got to sit in the Queen's box and well it was a really awesome place. It's built based on the historical plans after the original burnt down. We also got to go to the Tate Museum of Modern Art because we had some extra time before lunch. Oh and lunch was also amazing, a Turkish restaurant with a ton of appetizers. I was disappointed not getting baclava but what can you do. Then we got to walk through the city, saw the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster abbey, all the big names. The end of our London stay was at Transport for London to talk to them about what they're doing about making London sustainable for the Olympics. All cool things. Then I saw the class off and headed to Paddington to go visit our family friends. End part 2.
The Globe Theater

The Macbeth for kids set up.

A bunch of ceramic sunflower seeds.

Get good Turkish food here.

Kara and I and Ben

The weird lizard on a bike man.

Even weirder tiger in a basket on a table man.

Big Ben

The London Eye

Westminster Abbey

Telephone booth picture, classic.

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