Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I know, I know, I'm not so good at posting at a certain point every week but I promise you I have been swamped with work lately. Well swamped enough that in between cool this I'm doing I have to do reading and work. Anyway, so it's Tuesday and last time I reported in it was Wednesday so I have a couple of days I have to account for.

Wednesday: Never take cardio kickboxing at Palm Fitness, holy cow your legs will fall off. It was a miserably hard hour and I made Kara suffer through it with me she's such a good sport. She's opting out of it tomorrow, but of course I can't resist a really, almost embarrassingly hard challenge.

Thursday: School, school, school, oh yeah my midterm. Rocked it. My first grade is down in the books, well she probably hasn't graded it yet but my work is done. That was good, I had to work on a project around Gender Equality in parental leave, it consumed part of my homework over the weekend as well. And I had LAP tutoring and then a super awesome session with the funniest Danish cycling instructor, Kim. So far he's compared cycling to hiking across Burbank Alaska and eating a cupcake, I definitely don't believe the last one. I had to fend for myself for dinner, Rasmus had handball and Karina was in Budapest for the EU's crime prevention conference. Thus it was probably not an interesting meal worth reporting. However, I had the Gender project to work on, my reflection paper for my Gender class to do and a paper on CSR issues in the textile industry to work on. Well I didn't really do much of anything actually, but I wanted to sound studious and productive.

Friday: A super day at school, pretty easy, actually really easy. I then put my time in at Palm Fitness and found two partners to workout with on Fridays. Don't expect too much, the weight machines are funky and we even had issues with one because we have boobs, how unfair. I hope no one was worrying because I did actually do work on Friday; I had planned to hang out with Katie and some friends of hers but the plans just didn't work out. However, Peter and Karina arrived in Copenhagen so I still had a good time. We watched little documentary shows about super brains and memories. It was actually pretty interesting; my favorite was the one in Danish but the study included all Americans or Brits so I got the gist of everything without needing much translation. It's hard to fake understanding Danish when it's neuro jargon.

Saturday: Work done, well some of it. Then handball, handball, handball, probably the most exciting handball game Rasmus has had yet. It was soo close and they won by a point; Karina and I were yelling and jumping in our seats the whole time. Though pretty plain, the day was awesome, basically because of the handball game.

Sunday: I saw Picasso!! Karina, Peter and I went to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and it was awesome. A bit, wayy to crowded but the art was fabulous and they have good museum cafeteria food. We spent most of the day there and had a scenic ride along the coast on our way there. They took me by Peter's childhood church which was really cute and tucked away in the Danish countryside. Little things like driving are super fun and interesting here. And while doing my readings, I had to watch Million Dollar Baby with Karina and Peter (I'm such a good student I know)

Monday: SOO much work, I practically wrote my CSR paper all day long and still stayed up too late finishing it. Of course I had LAP, which was super fun, Natalya joked and played around and we're now facebook friends :) And then cycling with Kim again, he referenced eating a cupcake today, it's not true: cycling is not as easy as eating a cupcake.

Tuesday: So freaking tired, dragged myself to class today and well now I'm plopped on the couch watching TV avoiding studying.

I'm going to Karina's work tomorrow (I think) and shopping/working out with Kara, somewhere in there I have to study for my renewables test on Thursday. I swear I shouldn't have to do work, it's so unfair.

So I don't have any pictures of my at the Louisiana, but I did make sure to hold on to some pamphlets for my scarp booking endeavors.
The church Peter grew up going to

The Danish countryside, Peter's mother's house is out there, it's actually really close to the church.

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