Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow, here?

So, Copenhagen is not usually a snowy place, that is it flurries whenever it wants and is freezing but NOTHING ever sticks but salt is frequently on the ground. Well, before I arrived they got a super, duper snow storm around Christmas but apparently that is super abnormal and happens once in a blue moon. So when I woke up today I was surprised to find actual accumulation. Now, don't get me wrong it's not enough to do anything with but it does make the view out the window look all wintery and nice. In addition to this less than fantastic weather, I joined a gym! (Basically because of the less than fantastic weather..) It's not the cheapest but a DJ plays while you're working out in the evening. A live, freaking DJ, who has his table set up in the middle of the weight floor. Crazy, crazy. The reason for the gym membership is the Danish coast has become brutal and 23 degrees F and windy is not my idea of a good time. Plus, the cycling class is all in Danish (SCORE, I have no idea what to do when!) and they play hardcore techno the whole time (this is actually a god thing, unlike the difficulty in the language department.)  Besides that, I've actually had to start doing work. I have a midterm tomorrow and paper due on Monday, one on Tuesday and a project the next week. After having NOTHING the first month+, I'm finding it terribly hard to actually work. Who wants to do work when you can sit and chat at a cute Danish coffee shop, if you do, you're crazy and we're probably not friends. Today, I have a field trip to the Middelgrundens Vindmollelaug, basically the Danish offshore wind farm head office. Hopefully, I'll get another perspective on the use of wind for general energy consumption because thus far the options don't look too awesome. Oh and my tutoring has been rough thus far, she's really not into the whole tutoring thing which is a bummer but I'll keep you updated. It's study time!
Definitely a North Face boots wearing kind of day, just hopefully not to icy. Have a good Wednesday!

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