Saturday, February 19, 2011

They're back!

It's officially the end of week 7 and the family is back home, thank goodness. I wasn't too lonely at home especially with friends doing dinner here at the flat, but goodness gracious is it nice to just sit and write this post with Karina reading the newspaper on the chair next to me. It's just cozier this way. It actually was a pretty busy week for me and I think I left off at the ballet. AND IT WAS AWESOME! Holy poop, it was the most amazing show I've seen in a long time. The choreographer is popular for his ability to take stories and pieces of literature into dance shows. The best part of Midsummer Night's Dream was that in ballet form it was HILARIOUS, like actually seriously funny. Who would have thought that a graceful dance performance would be hysterical, a funny musical troupe that came back time and time again throughout the performance. OH I also didn't mention that the old, playhouse was gorgeous, red velvet seating with gold accents everywhere; it was to die for. I don't know of any dancer, well I don't know that many dancers but if I did, that would not want to work there everyday. If anyone finds him/herself in Copenhagen while a dance performance is showing, YOU NEED to go, I'm not joking, I'll be mad if you don't.

That was Wednesday, well the interesting, big part of Wednesday. Thursday was also a lot of fun; of course, I went to school, but then I had a meeting with the coolest professor ever! I decided to be a class rep for my Gender class; it's a system where we give her feedback as it comes up and we have two meetings with her outside of class. Anyway, I had the most delicious chai at the cutest coffee shop with her and another student and we just chatted for an hour. It was awesome; she's totally down to earth and well a free coffee always peaks my interest. After that I prepared dinner for three girls that made the trek out to the flat. And well, you should be jealous because apparently I've become quite a cook. I made roasted potatoes to go along with a chicken, apple, pecan, lettuce salad with some balsamic, AND an apple, berry crisp for dessert. I may not keep my cooking habit up but I sure won't let my baking skills get rusty. We chatted for a couple hours and then I retired to my homework.

Friday was any other boring day, I had class and a group presentation and was wayy too tired to want to be in class. I pretty much headed home after class, I was pretty beat and just wanted to relax after my busy week. I got some American TV watching out of the way and got to sleep to the sounds of the guy's party in the flat above.

And today, the family CAME HOME, earlier than I thought/remembered they would. Anyway, they brought me home a Cosmo and SWEDISH FISH, so I'll be just fine for the next few weeks in the America department. I also finally got back to the Danish coast, a sunny, bright, no wind day; however, it was 25 degrees F outside and my legs were purplish when I got home. Maybe I'll just stay on the couch next time there are waves of ice crashing the coast.

Me on the front steps of the Royal Danish Theater in Kongens Nytorv.

Some famous, probably rather important guy.

The gallery they had the intermission treats in.

The view of the stage from our seats.

The interior of the playhouse; it was just to die for.

Little dinner set up, Katie requested a photo shoot for it.


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