Saturday, February 12, 2011

On my own.

It's the dreaded Week 7, thus the host family is off the New York City for the week. Rasmus has school off and the Schriver/Nickelsen clan love NYC, but it'll be nice if Karina finds Swedish Fish to bring back for me. Therefore I'm by myself at the flat, which will be a bummer but I've already made some good plans for the week. In the past couple of days, I met with Natalya again and I sent my first package to the states. I came expecting shipping would be expensive but it's different once you get here and spend nearly 20 bucks for a little package. I had a nice night out last night; Taylor, Alice and I met with some other DIS kids, which was a good way to mix it up. I'm laying low tonight, after seeing the family off pretty early this morning. So instead of heading into the city, I took another go at making pumpkin bread. I got the baking soda/baking powder situation straightened out and I'm on my way to be a metric, Danish baking pro. OH and Taylor is going to trek into Zone 30 tomorrow to have my first real meal. And by first real meal, I mean I went grocery shopping today for the first time for actual necessities because our fridge is nearly empty (of everything I really like to eat, there are a bunch of pork smorrebord making ingredients but I'm still not familiar with most of them.) I'm planning for a chicken, pesto pasta dish with some salad. I'm trying not to slack while Peter and Karina are away; the food they cook is delicious and I don't want to go completely deprived while they're gone. I have a pretty basic day, besides the dinner date; hopefully I'll have another sunny, beautiful run in with the Danish coast and some quality class reading. That reading will probably turn into American TV watching on the internet, I'm always one for a good distraction.

Fun thing on Tuesday: Midsummer's Night Dream performed by the Royal copenhagen Ballet at the old playhouse in Kongens Nytorv!!!!!

AND sorry for the lack of pictures today, I had some ideas but taking a picture of Danish metric made pumpkin bread is just not that wowing. Maybe Taylor will model at dinner tomorrow.

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