Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm officially Danish!

Sorry everyone, I wont be returning to the Untied States, FALSE. But I got my CPR card in the mail today, so I can officially go to the doctor's and the library with no probably. I'm seen as a temporary resident and get all the fun perks Denmark has to offer. I get to go see a female doctor whenever, it's totally different than the States, you have to take a number to get bread in certain bakeries, how weird is that? They sent it with a bunch of letters written in Danish so I hope they aren't too important; I could also be an organ donor if I want, but I think that might get messy considering I'm an organ donor in the States too. But hopefully I won't have any organs to don. Don (maybe a word?) Anyway, the host family cam back last night much to my surprise, I swear I thought they said Sunday. So instead of raging last night, we watched American movies all night and of course since they're all jet-lagged we stayed up until 1 something in the morning. How crazy. Alright, I think it's actually homework time.
Fun paper work and my yellow, CPR card!

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