Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So of course, we got the dates mixed up and the ballet is actually tonight, so oops I can't tell you how it goes until tomorrow. BUT I have done a luxurious amount of baking between now and the time I last posted. I had an AWESOME dinner with Taylor; however, no modeling so, no pictures. BUT I also made delicious pumpkin bread that she loved! I also got around to doing my homework, while watching Danish Paradise Hotel. It is probably one of the worst, grossest TV shows out there; it's all about hooking up and well what a waste. And then Monday was Valentine's Day, it was fine nothing really fun, it's hard to go on a date when there's no one to go with :( so I made chocolate chip cookie covered oreos. I know that sound strange, but a friend of mine found it on a baker's blog and I'm always up for a baking challenge. Frankly, I don't LOVE them, they're good but almost too sweet, I guess I'm a sucker for the classic chocolate chip cookie. AND I'm turning out to be the best darn Danish metric baker out there, hopefully I won't lose my cup/tablespoon measuring skills. Besides the enormous amount of junk being consumed instead of vegetables, the weather has been freaking terrible. THE WIND is horrendous, you can hardly walk in a straight line, and it took of a metal welded sign in my town. Ridiculous, needless to say I haven't met with the Danish coast in a coupe of days and I'm getting a bit antsy, but not too antsy. I haven't been feeling phenomenal the past couple of days so hopefully the rest helps. Besides that it's been a pretty dull life here at the flat. Of course, I'm going to the ballet tonight and will probably be doing dinner with some girls tomorrow but I'll definitely have some time to kill before the hostfam returns. Maybe I'll bake a cake :)
I had dreams of avocado/chicken/salad on mini toasts but I lost my inspiration after making the cookie dough.

Yes, you see correctly, an oreo inside of a cookie or instant diabetes.

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