Friday, March 25, 2011

I Finally got ONE!

So I'm more excited than ever! I have been looking around for a looped scarf like the whole time I've been here. ACtually that's a lie, I didn't realize I wanted one until the started replacing store stocks for the spring collections and so finding one has been a nightmare and a half. I found one the other day but it looked a bit cheap and well it was cheap and not too warm. And well when I return to the states I want to be super and European and a cheap scarf will not cut it. SOOOO because we have a three day weekend and I didn't plan on going anywhere (I have 5 ten pagers due the first week in April and I'm gone the first weekend, the two weeks after that and the last weekend, so there is no time in April to write then, however I haven't written a thing today so I'm off to a REALLY good start, false.) I had a really good workout at the most fabulous gym I go to and then shopped around, because there is also an awesome pair of shoes I want but they don't have my size and I guess that's a good thing because I don't need a million new things though I want them. Anyhow, I am extremely excited.

Peter is coming home tonight and we're really excited about that, its nice to have a bit of noise every once and a while. Rasmus had a masquerade ball last night, which sounds like the first enjoyable school dance I've ever heard of. I'm thinking about going to Karina's work with her on Wednesday, I don't have any field trips, just a bunch of work to do, so I'm pretty set on going. That'll be interesting to see her work and this time I'll actually wake up on time and go. I was stupid to miss out on it the last time. Anyway, Rasmus has been picked as one of the best handball players in the city and will be going to Svenborg this weekend for a game, so everything is going quite well here. I've gotten some good grades back and I've been passing everything so I am actually doing the work, it's just a matter of getting around to it, who wants to do work when you can joke around with Karina while she translates Danish tv for me, come on. Anyway, I think I just shoved that all at you in no particular order, oops, so sorry for the lack of direction. Oh and I think Rasmus is going to replace his bike this weekend so I'll get to ride Karina's around, I'm so excited to bike Copenhagen, plus biking to the train station is some much easier than the 20 minute walk, early in the morning.
F.C. København vs. Brøndby I.F.

FCK won!

I am a bit odd, but my scarf is awesome!

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  1. Love your blolg! The photos are awesome. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time and really taking advantage of all the opportunities. Aunt Suzanne