Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm collecting huge rubbermaid boxes. Good right? I've made some headway with the whole packing thing? False, I've gotten nowhere. My room is full of stuff and the boxes are just chilling in the corner. I've decided Wednesday evening is the prime time, I miss the baking party at the Handsome Man Palace, but hopefully, I'll get half the room in boxes by the time I go to bed and then wake up and finish off in order to make an appearance at the day long movie watching party. This way I'll have Friday free to see off Alex and hang out one last time with Emily. Friday will be relaxing instead of stressful packing and moving and the waterworks when Alex leaves. I'll devote Friday to sad goodbyes instead of fretting, I'm hoping that my plan will actually work and I'll see it all through. I said that about last weekend in regards to packing and well, I got nowhere.

Note to fellow packers: don't buy mismatching rubbermaid boxes even if they're cheaper, it's a super annoyance, if you're me at least.

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