Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

I am so so close to my next European adventure! I leave this Saturday for Milan, Florence, Venice, and Paris!! Then the parents/Tia meet me and we venture to Copenhagen. I'm trying to create a basic plan/list of ideas to entertain them while they are here. 

I am so excited; I'll also turn 21, which will be awesome, I will be so wise and old so soon. AND today, Karina and Rasmus celebrated me birthday! They woke me up singing the Danish version of happy birthday, waving their Danish flags at me, and no it's not because I'm foreign, they actually wave them when it is your birthday and sometimes decorate the house with flags. Also, we had fresh bread with chocolate squares at breakfast, they are thin slices of chocolate that melt on the bread. They are SO delicious, who doesn't want an early dose of chocolate anyway. They also bought me a super cute, Danish, spring outfit, I'll debut it in Italy most likely. They are so generous and I love them so much, I'm already bummed to leave. I didn't think they would go out and get me an outfit, they are just so so so sweet. 

Anyway, besides that I'm trying to finish up a little work before I leave so I'm not too overwhelmed when I get back. I have 5 long papers due and not a lot of time to write them, so I got one done already and am working on the second, it's just hard to get motivated now that my SB is right around the corner.

Besides that, I made it on to the Fall 2010 Dean's List, woohoo, I'm am just so smart. I've also got an interview set up with a cupcake shop; I realize it has nothing to do with renewable energy or climate change, but I love to bake and couldn't pass up applying. Maybe I'll open up a bakery when the market decides to get its act together. 

I probably won't post anything for at least a week and a half, so sorry, but the rest of Europe awaits me!

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