Friday, April 29, 2011

BBQs, Bornholm, and Double Posts!

So today, the family, and Viktor, and I (I'm kind of included as family) had a bbq, because basically it's summer/spring here and we're so excited for it. The boys (Rasmus, Peter, and Viktor) decided today was the day for grilling so we had a little outdoor dinner. Though we live in a large flat building, they have little nooks jutting off from the parking areas for picnic tables and a grill and a shady area; it's like a pretend backyard. It was fabulous, we had ribs and grilled veggies and fresh from the bakery bread. And I decided to finally get a picture of them, I don't think I've taken any and well I think I'll want a few when I get home, so it'll have to be one at a time.

(Karina in black, Rasmus in red, Peter in white & Viktor in the plaid)

Also, I'm going to be on a biking trip this weekend in Bornholm, it's another island in Denmark. We'll be taking a night ferry to the island (lame, I want to sleep, but what can you do) and then biking all day tomorrow and on Sunday. I'm so excited, apparently this is one of the best trips and the island is known for its smoked herring, ice cream and glass making. A super combo minus the herring but it will be eaten, maybe. I've got my backpack packed, hopefully I'm bringing enough options depending on the weather, islands tend to be windy which could mean cold, even if its not that cold out. So I decided to bring two pairs of shorts and two pairs of pants, just in case. I'll make sure to take a bunch of photos, because it's apparently really pretty. And I hope all of you on the other side of the ocean have a good weekend!

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