Monday, May 2, 2011

Bornholm Bike Trip

I got back early this morning showering at 1 am early) from an awesome two day bike trip on the island of Bornholm. And it was awesome, super tiring, but awesome. I don't think my butt will ever feel the same way again. We left super late on Friday night, took an over night ferry to Bornholm and of course "slept" on chairs, I didn't really sleep which made biking very hard by late Saturday afternoon. We got to the hostel at 7 am on Saturday and thankfully had the second breakfast shift because we decided to sleep for an hour before breakfast at 8am. We had a bunch of bread and jam, carb-ed up for our super biking adventure. We picked up our rental bikes and set off to the Helligdomskipperne rock formations, where there were some awesome views. The was the Sorte Gryde cave that we ventured into which was in the side of the cliff down near the water, it was crazy and pitch black inside. After some exploring we left for Spellinge Mose to ride on paths near some pretty marsh areas. It was really nice, we found this easy bike path and just coasted. After that we ventured towards Ronne, the capital of Bornholm. We had lunch at a cafe there and the day started to cool off so we had to get back to biking. We decided to divert from the planned route becuase we were feeling extra adventurous. It may not have been the best idea because we added 10-20 kilometers to the route and ended up biking through the windiest open area for about 10 km. It was rough any direction you turned, there was more wind. So, of course we were exhausted and tired of the wind so we took a quick break near a church to relax. After getting little sleep an biking for several hours my head was unable to keep itself up. However, it was really gorgeous the sun was out and everything was blooming. We then continued on to get back to the hostel, more rough wind and uphill battles. We were so relived to have curry chicken for dinner when we returned. After dinner, we hung out on the coastal rocks (our hostel was right on the water, but the island is small, so its pretty much all near the coast) and chatted with some of Kathy's friends from home. And we feel asleep before 10; not a surprise considering we biked nearly 40 MILES.

The cliffs, the cave is behind me.

Kara and Kathy

In Vestermarie, dead after the biking 10 km straight into the wind.

Rest stop.

Sunday we decided to take it a bit easy. Our butts were super sore from the day before and we didn't have quite as much time to explore as we did the day before. So we decided to bike to Svaneke, where I heard there was an amazing ice cream shop and boy was it good. It was a little place but they made the ice cream fresh and had a ton of new and seasonal flavors. I had rhubarb with meringue fluff on top, but there was beer, gooseberry, hawthorn, and apple cinnamon. They were so so tasty. We decided to bike around the town and met up with Kathy's friends and went to the local lighthouse and beach. It was so gorgeous, a bit chilly but really pretty. We hung around and then biked back to the hostel in Gudhjem to eat and get ready for our trip back to CPH. We left at 730 to catch the Ferry and then bussed through Sweden to get back to Sjaelland. We got back to CPH at 1130 and I caught the train back to the flat. It was a late night but I also had to shower and get ready for today, which has been rough. I'll probably sleep really well tonight though.

Found a good place to rest by the Baltic.

Cutest ice cream shop.

Birdhouse tree and Jackson.

Lighthouse, I took this while biking, it was a good attempt.

The beach in Svaneke

Kathy leading a leg of the trip

Kara behind me

Another rest stop, all together more than 65 miles of biking, not too bad.

I have a ton of work I have to get done for Friday and Monday, hopefully I can finish it all, well I have to. But I'm visiting IBM on Wednesday to learn about smart grids and I have no class on Thursday so hopefully I'll get some quality work done now that classes are winding down. I'm hoping to visit a cupcake shop in town too. I have lots of things to do and not enough time!!! Now for some work, hopefully I'll have some time to do fun things and update you about them in between the papers!!

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