Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am so freaking excited for tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I turn in my final paper and the semester is complete!! (this I'm actually really sad about but...) I also leave for Spain right afterwards! And Alex is going to be there waiting for me at the airport. Who would have thought I'd get this lucky? Not me anyway. So I just wanted to say you won't be hearing from me for a couple of days, aka until Friday (though I know I haven't done anything interesting enough this week to blog about and you haven't had anything to read anyway) but I promise when Alex and I touch back down in CPH to blog at least a little when I get back. Plus, I have to have a couple of good blog posts to end my trip off right, right? Besides blogging about Spain after I've returned to America would be the silliest thing ever. Anywho, sorry if this post looks a ton like my last one, but I've been soo busy with work nothing has really been blog worthy enough. But I promise when I get back there'll be some fun Spanish sights to share.

Oh but today I did have a pretty full schedule. I decided that Rasmus and Karina needed a good old American breakfast out of me before I left and so I did just that, plus it was Mother's Day and since my real mom isn't around, I'll cook for my new, part-time mom. And they loved it; I went all out, I'm serious. We had pancakes, bacon, an omelet, toast, and a bunch of fruit. It was quite the spread and they were so impressed; I was a tad impressed with myself normally when I make pancakes I make enough for me to have, aka I use a box mix and make enough for four cakes. But I seriously made them from scratch, which went a bit differently than I expected, have I mentioned I'm really excited to return to the land of cup and tbsp measurements, it'll make my baking life that much easier. Anyway, they loved them! After breakfast, I made sure to hop back on my computer and crank out this silly paper I've been so not eager to write. It definitely isn't my best work but it'll do, I don't think gender is really the subject for me anyway. Of course, it was also gardening day at the flat. One day in the spring, our wing of the flat building gets out to trim our little patches of land and well today was the day. And of course I was terribly bored writing so I though I'd help out. I'm glad I did because there was the cutest boy there who needed help finding and collecting al the snails in the garden. He was just darling. Then I finished up the paper and had dinner with the family, got up to date with Private Practice and watched a bit of an old season of Biggest Loser with Karina and am now staying up too late rambling with you. So on that note, I'm going to head to bed because Spain awaits me in the morning and well I need my beauty sleep.

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