Friday, May 6, 2011

Nearing the End

So this is crunch week, I've turned in three of my five papers and in an hour my fourth will be done and over too. I have one big 10 pager left for my Gender class due on Monday and of course it's gardening weekend for the flats in our building but then it's all over, I mean school that is. I'm super looking forward to next week. Alex is meeting my in Spain on Monday afternoon for an adventure in Barcelona and I couldn't be more excited (well I could be, the paper looming over my head is getting in the way). Then it's a week of Barcelona fun things and then good quality time with Karina and Rasmus (with Alex) before I depart from this European dream I'm in.

Sorry this is a super dinky post, but I'll hopefully get some shots of the family this weekend during my paper writing breaks. I haven't really had time this week to do anything fun and exciting that's worth blogging about so I'm leaving you hanging.

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