Monday, January 31, 2011

Decent weekend.

So, my Sunday was awesome, another good day with the host fam. I got home Saturday night (morning) at 4:30 after a super long, but fun evening. We went to the Happy Pig, a local bar that had a dance floor upstairs. We were obnoxious Americans singing American pop songs at the top of our lungs but it was really a good time. We had early morning hot dogs as we left the bar and boy will that hotdog stand make a killing. It was my first super long night out, though on the train home a Danish guy was making fun of me for heading home at 4 am; he didn't see why I couldn't last longer. I'm not going to lie, partying in the states and getting home at 2 is rather enjoyable, actually sleeping is nice. Anyway, due to the late evening I got up around noon, ate a little bread and butter breakfast, and headed out with Karina and Peter to Rasmus's handball game. The game was okay, Rasmus's team won by only a couple points after being in the lead during the first half. After the game, Karina, Peter and I headed 50 km up the coast to this little cafe for lunch. Oh boy was it cute; a little place over looking the Oresund and Sweden, the view was gorgeous. After a beach club salad on toast, we headed to the Irma grocery store across the street to get some inspiration for dinner. We ended up having burgers with mango, mayo dressing, cucumber and onion salsa, and pepper salsa on top. THEY WERE DELICIOUS, holy cow; it's true, I'll probably bring the recipe back with me. However, before dinner we watched the nail biting finals of the handbold world championship. 60 minutes plus a 10 minute overtime, because of a last second tie by the Danes, sadly led to the Danes defeat. However, the game was soo close, the Danes only let the French have a 2 point lead, practically the whole game. And after the game, I headed out for a short jog on the coast again. The coast at nighttime is maybe even prettier than the coast during the day with the sun out; I'll have to go on a few more and get back to you. And then of course, I tried to buckle down and get work done but I wasn't 100% successful, oops. I might as well live it up while I'm here. And I'm sorry there are no pictures today, the camera is dead. But I'll leave you with a fun thought, dog poop left on the sidewalk, that's big here :) Have a happy Monday!

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