Monday, January 17, 2011

The official first day.

I would have to say that today was the first day of my time here. I feel like yesterday doesn't really count because I was so tired I don't remember half of it. But today, I was on my own in the city, sort of fully rested. The DIS program had an opening ceremony for the start of the semester, there were speakers and a strings band that played for us. It was a nice welcome to our time here. Then shortly after the ceremony, we were broken into little groups to travel the city. It was a scavenger hunt of sorts, meant to help us familiarize ourselves with the city. I think it went quite well, I won't remember a lot of it tomorrow but at least I'm comfortable asking Danes where to go if I'm totally lost. ALSO, Denmark has a ton of cute juice bars, shops, and cafes. Instead of having big general stores, like Target, there a bunch of distinctive little shops and it is so much fun to just window shop and browse. It's fun to see all the Danish alternatives to stuff we have at home. And then we ended the day with an activities fair, groups I can join while I'm here. So, of course I signed up for Climate talks, the hiking/biking club, and volunteering at the local international school. I may switch things around and do other crazy activities instead, but this is the plan for now. And now I'll leave you with a couple of new pictures of my Copenhagen life :)

This is my new room away from home. Nicely furnished by Ikea, I love that place!

And these are from the hunt around Copenhagen, pretty cool, right? However, the lighting is not so good especially for crystal clear pictures, but I'll have to wait a couple months before we get more sunlight.

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