Friday, January 28, 2011

Denmark's in the Finals!

So, if I haven't mentioned already, I'm currently living with some big handbold fans (that's handball for you Americans.) And tonight, Denmark played Spain and WON! And well, Denmark's handbold team hasn't been to a finals in 44 years, and they're playing arguably the best team in the world, France. Definitely stay tuned for the winner; the final game is on Sunday, so we'll probably gather around the TV again then and cheer for 60 minutes together. Handbold is crazy fun, especially if it's a close game, even though I know next to nothing about the game. On a similar note, I went to my first handbold match today; Rasmus's team was playing and they won! So, it's been a good night for handbold, at least in this house.

And for Thursday, I had classes as usual, hung out with some DIS kids, found the local Kommune, and then went out to this crazy bar at night. The Kulor bar was pretty nice, except for the girl that took off her pants while dancing, but Karina and I have decided she's Swedish because no Dane would go that far. Anyway, the night was great fun, I meet a huge group of DIS students and had an equally as fabulous hangover for my class at 8:30 this morning. (But, no one worry it has been 100% responsible fun.) So, though I have really not been out as often as the other DIS students, the couple of experiences I've had of the Danish nightlife thus far have been really great. And on a totally different note, I've gotten assigned to a student at the Copenhagen International School. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be volunteering over there doing some tutoring and I've been paired with Natalya, a 12 year-old American girl. I'll be volunteering twice a week for an hour each and I think it'll be a really fulfilling experience. Also, I hope, even though she's American, that she can teach me a word or two in Danish. I've already been picking up little bits here and there but for the most I'm totally in the dark.

Note to the HMP: I've officially shown Rasmus both Wazzup/the Annoying Orange and Hide yo Kids, Hide yo Wife.

Rasmus is number 11, right in the middle there. He is a pivot or streg.

They just scored a goal; they won 31 to 24.

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