Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The hump day. Sort of.

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a couple of days, but there isn't that much to say when I'm in class, nothing crazy really happens. Anyway, today was my first Wednesday of the semester, that is I don't have class on Wednesdays, our classes plan field trips for out Wednesdays and I didn't have any today. So instead, I hung out with Taylor in the city. We went to the Magasin du Nord, its famous in Denmark but I don't remember why something about how large it is or how old. Anyway, we got fabulous coffee at a bakery next door and then shopped all afternoon, of course we only bought To-go mugs considering we don't want to go broke only after the first week. (However, they were a STEAL, 20 bucks for two travel mugs, freaking awesome minus the Danish store clerk that followed us around.) After shopping away, we went to the bottom floor and took a gander at the cafe/grocery store (yes, in the basement floor of the store) and then decided on a cafe down the street. After that I joined Katie and Taylor for some Danish grocery shopping. Quite the adventure, shopping for groceries when you can't tell what the food actually is. It was a successful endeavor and we've bought the proper beverages to make going out a little cheaper :). I had planned to go to a DIS social and then Rasmus's handball game; however, the game was canceled and making lasagna with some Danish guys seemed appealing. Arni, our Danish cooking partner, made a vegetable and meat lasagna; he said he added the vegetables because girls were eating with him, which I thought was hysterical. Then I made it back to the flat and some TV time with Karina and Peter. After vetoing drug and violent and only in Danish shows, we settled on ice skating. And well instead of caring about the ice skating, we critiqued the girls who were too skinny or didn't have enough boobs. It was definitely more fun than the super short routines. Now, I sit munching on Haribo gummy bears, while katy Perry rocks on the TV, not to mention my homework isn't done. A pretty successful day I would say, oh and Rasmus thinks country music is rubbish, have I mentioned the kid is freaking cool.

And just to recap the past two days:
Monday, my first day of real, you actually had to read for class, school days. Well, they went pretty well; I hate that in my 8:30 class my prof decides to start early. I hardly enjoy making it on time, let alone preparing for class to start early. And then I moved on to my Gender class, which will the most unique class I've ever taken. I have a feeling I may be a black sheep on certain topics (considering I'm not as liberal as you may think, dad.) Commercials with men in naked women suits are not my thing that's all, just too awkward. Anyway, after classes I hung out with the Studenterhuest with Taylor and got cheap food while we studied. Of course, this group of Americans behind us we drinking beers in the middle of the afternoon, just for the sake of drinking beer at 3 in the afternoon. I also got my VPN all figured out so I can watch Grey's Anatomy, well when they air a new episode, that is. Then family dinner, along with Rasmus's friend Viktor, an AWESOME steak and potatoes dish (the irony, I go to Denmark to eat steak and potatoes) but peter sure knows his way with food.

Tuesday, class was good, my early Corporate Social Responsibility class will be awesome, I think. There was a ton of discussion even though everyone was super tired so that'll make for a good class. Then after classes, I was supposed to meet with a woman at the Copenhagen International School in order to become a learning assistant, basically I want to tutor kids. But it was canceled so we're playing internet tag instead, and I'll send in my information instead of a formal interview. I think it'll be fun, working with a student and hopefully he'll/she'll teach me a few words in Danish. Then after getting out of the city to find my interview canceled, I decided to watch the Bachelor (it was a terrible idea the show is awful, but I'm up-to-date regardless.) Then dinner, just Peter and I, I forgot what he called it but it's basically raiding the fridge and making smorrebord.

Emily Coppage: I have heard the Bruno Mars song TWICE today. GAHH, I miss you too.

And as I promised, I found some pictures of this weekend, well I more stole them from Katie, but they may have gotten blurry between her blog and mine. Oops, anyway, I would have my own for you but going out and sleeping over at Katie's=I didn't have my camera.

Pictures of us at Kronborg castle. Note my flats, not my first choice of shoes; however, there wasn't enough time in the morning to fetch warm ones for my impromptu adventure. 

And don't we look darling, we wanted to look classy for our first night out.

OH and from today, i forgot to mention our run in with the random dance party in the city. Apparently, it's normal to gather a group of your friends and crank the volume, in weird costumes on a Wednesday afternoon. Did I mention that I love this place?

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