Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's so close I can nearly taste it.

My TO DO list has two missing check marks and that's it! I will officially trash it after a trip to Rite Aid and Borders and then I'll have to seriously hunker down with my suitcases. I have piles of clothing around my room; they'd be on my bed except I had to sleep on it because well I haven't wanted to actually pack. I suppose I can put it off more by creating a list of things to pack :). I have enough toothpaste to last me five months. I bought my family a little hostess gift, VA peanuts and a Beadforlife soap. I officially reserved my seat on my flight, an aisle seat, not my favorite at least I don't have to bug anyone if I have to use the restroom over the course of 8+ hours. OH! I made delicious chocolate chip cookies, this year's really good recipe; I don't know if I'll actually share any with my host family, but I'll definitely bring them.
I can't go the first month without comfort foods. SO..I got Swedish Fish and Reeses today while grocery shopping. I figured I'd make my own care package before I leave, at least it saves on postage. AND I miss everyone, well that's it for now.

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