Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not your typical Saturday.

So, living in Denmark definitely throws off my normal weekend patterns. I wouldn't go out sightseeing and traveling on a Saturday, usually; however, now that I'm in Denmark why not go out and be a tourist, I'm freaking in Europe. Today, I got up a little later than normal, but I definitely needed it, ate breakfast with Rasmus, and then went on the most fabulous run on the Danish coast! It is soo pretty, a little too cold for my taste, but it was the most gorgeous run I think I've ever been on. I might do the same tomorrow, or go through the hunting gardens. Then, I decided to go into the city; I met Katie and Taylor and some other girls for shopping. But first, I tried to find the Mermaid, a notorious Copenhagen landmark, but considering the city is small, I walked right by it. I thought I'd be all cool and find it on my own and I would have if the map didn't make the landmarks look so far apart. Anyway, after seeing the mermaid, I met up with the girls to shoe shop. I got myself some booties to where out, heels are just too difficult to maneuver in. Now, I'm having some downtime and munchies before heading gout for the evening. We're going to a cool club, or so I've heard, and since Karina and Peter are out, I won't be missing anything at home. Hopefully, it'll be a good time. I don't have anything planned for tomorrow, I might just hang out at the house and actually tackle some work :)

This is the King's Royal Garden, I walked through it on my way from the S-train station to the Mermaid.

There is a star-shaped area near the Mermaid and it includes this church and former barracks and a frozen moat.

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