Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first Danish weekend.

Quite a lot has ensued since my last post, a Danish disco, a peanut butter run, and a lot of sightseeing. So, naturally Ill start with Friday's adventures and work my way to today.

Day two of classes complete and I have an amazing Environmental History professor. He, like all my other professors, insist on being addressed by his first name. Denmark is a huge supporter of equality, in the work place and definitely in the classroom. Danish professors are always addressed by their first names and like to have a level playing field with their students; it's important to feel like an equal to others in your field and this is one way they show it. Also, he likes to take a break in the middle of class to walk around the block to recap his points in lecture, this is rather convenient, considering the class runs until 1 and I eat dinner at 7 in the morning. So I enjoyed a clementine and made it to the end of the period without issues. After class, it was time to explore the shops in the city, considering we're surrounded by them and I've hardly had a chance to check them out. I got a necklace to wear out; I needed some bling, apparently the Danish girls dress to impress when they go out. Then, Katie and Taylor had class so I grabbed a bit of nosh and headed back to my flat in Hellerup. Let me just tell you, I needed a break, so I organized myself and got around international tv rights in order to watch good ole American shows. (The Danes watch many American TV shows and movies; however, they don't have the current episodes and I was not about to miss the next installments) And after a quality hour or two, I showered and munched and meet Katie and Taylor at their kollegium to get ready. The DIS program organized a Welcome Party at a local club and they hosted a disco for us. There was an open bar and three floors with a DJ and smoke machines. Like American clubs times ten, plus it stayed open until 10am. Ridiculous! So, we got all pretty and headed out, had a great time, and pooped out at 2 in the morning. The sad thing is that some Danes don't even start going out until 2, apparently Americans are far behind in the night scene. Anyway, it was an awesome party to end the week and don't freak out, we were responsible and got home safely.

Considering I crashed at Katie and Taylor's on Friday night, I returned to the flat in the morning. Karina and the family planned to clean out some of her father's apartment, and I decided to tag along. After going up and down four flights or stairs several times, we got everything packed up and met the moving truck at the storage unit. Then we went to lunch and got delicious bagel sandwiches and I got myself an elderberry soda. I wasn't a huge fan but hey, I wasn't about to buy a coke. Silly, I can get those in VA. Anyway, Karina and I than made our way to Super Best, a grocery store, because I was dying for some peanut butter. The DAnes don't eat peanut butter so I know that's totally lame, but living on weird pork, cold cuts gets to be too much and sometimes pb is a better alternative. Then, we went to the dump and I got crap ALL over my nice coat that can only be dry cleaned, so it was an adventure but not the one I intended. Dumping bags at the dump with no coat on is miserable, considering it's freezing outside. After the dump fiasco, Karina decided to show me around the place. My first Sunday here we had planned to go out sightseeing, but it just didn't work out. So, we drove up the coast and I got to see the US Ambassadors house, several harbors, a famous author's house, and  hunting ground, that deer were imported to to provide leisurely hunting adventures. After about an hour, I was done. Not sleeping plus a full day of activities meant I was ready for a nap. False, Katie, Taylor, Emma and I went out to the bars, after family dinner of course. And it was a bit of a bust. Considering we hadn't gone out during the week, we were the DIS beginners. Many of the other students had been going out during the week and knew the good places to go, but we hadn't. So we wandered around checking out Irish pubs and various cover charges. it was quite the night life learning experience. We called it quits after a couple of hours and hung out the rest of the night at Katie and Taylor's.

The Castle. We went as quite a large group to Elsinore and Kronborg. The famous setting of Hamlet's castle. It was quite the educational, castle experience. We got lunch in Elsinore and then took tours of the castle. We had the funniest tour guide and learned a lot more than ever necessary about the place. After several hours we returned to the buses and trekked back to Copenhagen. I returned to Hellerup and had dinner with the host family's family. A couple of Peter/Karina's family were over and we had delicious cake. Currently I am preparing to hit the books for tomorrow's classes, considering none of the other weekend activities involved school. My first week has been a crazy, crazy busy time so hopefully I can get through my readings to get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the weekend; however, some may surface and I'll share them with you if I can :)

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