Sunday, January 16, 2011

In our little flat.

It has been one of the longest days of my life, but I am currently on the other side of the Atlantic after a relatively sleepless flight. However, my 20 minutes of sleep got me two movies, the Wall Street one and Going the Distance. I sat next to a really nice girl on the flight out, she goes to Bucknell usually and studies business. The plane was packed with DIS students from all over so the beginning of the flight was very chatty. The plane food was blah, packaged rolls with gravy covered chicken, not the most gourmet concoction. Upon arrival, the DIS students were ushered to our housing, and because I'm in a host family we had a little registration session before Karina arrived at the airport. Rasmus had a handball game, which he scored 10 goals in, so he couldn't make it to the airport. I got myself some Danish kroner during the whole ordeal which is kind of exciting.
Karina drove me to the flat and we stopped by the Danish Royal palace on the way home. I also had my first trip to a Danish bakery and it was delicious. I'm preparing myself for a lot of Rye bread but day 1 has been pretty successful. After a successful breakfast, I got partially unpacked; I couldn't make it through all my stuff so a nap was in order. And of course after a good nap, it was time for sports watching. Rasmus and I have been watching everything from handball to weirdo indoor, ice hockey thats like roller hockey on ice, weird stuff apparently only the Swedes play it. Now, we're to sit down to dinner, my first Danish meal! I can't wait for tomorrow :)

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